Possible Recovery Cases

Data recovery comes in several methods and we are pleased to inform you that Vigna has experience and expertise in handling almost every imaginable case. We also strive to protect the warranty of the hard disk as much as possible.

Data recovery can be split into two categories, Physical Recovery and Logical Recovery. Depending on the situation, we have our own customized solutions.

Physical recoveries are for typical problems associated with the hard disk itself. Common situations include HDD not being detected by the CMOS or not being identified by the OS despite everything seemingly well in the CMOS. We can also handle ENCRYPTED hard disks like "SAFEBOOT / END POINT ENCRYPTION ". Our expertise allows data recovery from damaged HDDs as well. For example, if your HDD's motor stops rendering the disk dead or if it burnt in a power surge, we are out here to help you. Moreover, in cases where some sectors are inaccessible or unable to transfer data, Vigna will strive to get them working. Though our primary focus is on hard disks through various interfaces such as PATA, SATA, SAS, SCSI, FIREWIRE and USB, we even recover data from damaged CDs and DVDs. We can recover data from different sizes of HDDs including not so commonly sized 1.8" and 1" hard disks apart from the regular 2.5" and 3.5" disks. Also, if your HDD has been locked with a password, we can recover the data for you.

Logical data recovery involves working around problems in the actual file storage system and we treat each case as needed because a single approach can't work for all. Our data recovery technology is OS independent. Whether the data is in a Linux or UNIX based system or in a Mac system, we work on those disks as well. Data from NTFS systems that have deleted partitions and similar issues are also tackled.